Wine List

White Wine

Le Corbine IGT (Toscana)

House White

Straw yellow colour, captivating, elegant with floral notes to the nose. Dry and clean to the palate. 750ml €23,00

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi (Marche)


Straw yellow, floral with subtle aromatic sensations and anise. Dry and right softness .

750ml €27,50

Pinot Grigio Organic (Veneto)


In addition to the eye, bound by his shades ranging from light yellow to the color of the sand, this wine also affects the nose with its slightly fruity and accompanied by a slight

note of almond. The taste is soft and harmonious, slightly bitter .

750ml €27,50

Regaleali IGT (Sicilia)

Tasca d’Almerita

A blend of Sicilian Inzolia, Cattarato and Grecanico are the grapes used to produce this distinguiched white wine.

Bright straw yellow colour with green reflections.

Delicate and fruity with notes of apple, peach and pink

grapefruit. To the palate it is dry, pleasantly velvety, rich and crisp.

750ml €33,50

Pinot Grigio Doc (Friuli)

Di Lenardo

Appealing scenes of floar and fruit flavours.

Elegant and complex with the

right acidity and freshness.

Perfect as an aperitif and to accompany any meal.

750ml €29,00

Gavi di Gavi Doc (Piemonte)

Mass. Carmelitani

Bright straw colour. The boquet is rich, ample and full. Intense scents of fruit floar notes. Pleasanty dry and crisp, full and deep in the mouth with a velventy texture. Elegant, armonic and well balanced. Certanly one of the most distinguished white wines of Italy.

750ml €34,50

Critone IGT (Calabria)


Pale straw-lemon in colour, delicate aromas of green apple and free fruits complement undertones of peaches, wildflowers and a hint of freshly cut grass. 750ml €31,50

Gewurztraminer (Trentino)

Mastri Vernacoli

Classic Gewurz nose of distinct rose petal, lychee notes, Turkish Delight, spice and citrus. The aromas lead on to the palate Which is mouth-filling and creamy with a really good clean, lemony finish.

750ml €36,00

Pecorino (Abruzzo)


Bright yellow with bright greenish hue , stands out the nose for intensive fruity and herbaceous. Excellent structure , already in balance between acidity and flavor. Wine susceptible to further evolution with aging in bottle.

750ml €31,50

Falanghina (Campania)


Pale yellow color. With a typical aroma of fresh fruit reminiscent of pineapple, apple and banana. The taste is ful, harmonious and very persistent .

750ml €34,00

Organic Wine Capolemole (Lazio)

Marco Carpineti

This is a genuine wine made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, which excludes the use of artificial chemical. 750ml €35,00

Greco di Tufo (Campania)


Colour bright yellow with aromas of exotic fruits , peach blossom, almond blossom. The taste is full, harmonious and very persistent.

750ml €38,50 Fiano di Avellino (Campania)


Yellow gold. With a complex aromaof flowers , dried fruit and spices. The taste is full, balancedand lingering.

750ml €38,50

Verdicchio Jesi San Michele Superior (Marche)


Color golden straw; Perfume intense, almonds,fennel, apricot, metal, honey with a few years of aging; flavour, full-bodied, honeyed, very long finish and powerful.

750ml €45,00 Nozze D’Oro (Sicilia) Tasca D’Almerita

A special wine , created in 1985 by Count Giuseppe on the occasion of

his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Franca and dedicated to her with great love. Intense straw, apple, peach,melon and honey. Fruity, fragrant acidity balanced. Pleasantly soft.

750ml €52,00 Sauvignon Quartz (Trentino)


Straw yellow with green highlights. Distinctive aroma, good complexity With hints of elder flower and sage, in combination with aromas of peach and apricot.. Structured and harmonious flavor in the mout, with great body salt and very persistent. 750ml €65,00

Arneis (Piemonte)

Massimo Rivetti

Straw yellow colour with slight green tinge. Refined aroma reminiscent of nettle.

750ml €34,00

Sauvignon Blanc (Friuli)

Di Lenardo

The primary fruit flavors are lime, green apple, passion fruit and white peach. the flavor will range from zesty lime to flowery peach. 750ml €29,00

Trento Doc

Altemasi Millesimato (Trentino)


Persistent foam, perlage consisting of

minute bubbles. Pale straw in colour with greenish tinges. Complex, highly refined nose with luscious fruity notes of citrus and peach.

750ml €60,00


Prosecco Spago (Trentino)

Ca‘ di Rajo

Intense concentration of red fruits such as currants, blackberry and blueberry jam accompanied by prugna with vibrant minerality and pleasant spiciness.

750ml €35,00

Prosecco Valdobbiadene Sup. Extra Dry (Veneto)


The color is straw yellow with green reflections of light. Smell gather the floral and fruit notes that are transferred from grapes to wine.

It identifies a subtle note of bread crust, released by the yeasts in winemaking. On the palate, balanced, rightly acid and persistent.

750ml €48,00

Red Wine

Le Corbine (Sangiovese)

House Red

Dry, full and well structured falvour. Ruby red in color. Sangiovese grapes.

750ml €23,00

Regaleali Rosso IGT Nero D‘Avola (Sicilia)

Tasca d’Almerita

Intense ruby red colour. Persistent bouquet with notes of cherry, mulberrry, sour black cherry, blueberry, vanilla and sage. Warm and pleasantly with silky and well balanced tannis.

750ml €36,00

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo)


Intense ruby red colour with light violetnuances. Intense and complex bouquet with scents of violet and cherry. Perceptible hints of liquorice and cinnamon.

750ml €27,00

Syrah IGT (Sicilia)

Colomba Bianca

100% Syrah grapes. Vines grown in clay soil with low yelds per hectare. A portion of the wine is aged in France oakBarrels. The wine is dry, full-bodied, powerful and elegant with notes of marasca cherry and with light spicy notes.

750ml €29,00

Merlot Organic (Veneto)


This wine is the exciting chase reflex deepred and purple. The nose is an intense wine aroma, pleasant, grassy remotely, which contrasts with the clear fruity scents.Wine of great personality that is balanced in the mouth, full, decided, in particular body.

750ml €28,00

Primitivo Bocca della Verita‘ (Puglia)

Cantine De Falco

Deep red color with purple reflectionsfull bodied, warm and velvety taste ;

750ml €32,00

Morellino di Scansano (Toscana)


Intense ruby red and persistent, with hints of black cherry, blackberry, wild berries, licorice and vanilla . Taste of fruity, full, persistent, harmonious.

750ml €33,50 Barbera d’Asti Doc (Piemonte)

Raggi del Bosco

Intense ruby red colour. The bouquet isample and persistent with characteristic notes of fruit. Dry, delicious, well structured and balanced with pleasant notes of vanilla on the palate.

750ml €32,50

Salice Salentino Riserva (Puglia)

Cantine De Falco

Caramelized red fruits and spices ending in net recognition of boxwood,

and the amber.

750ml €35,00

Chianti Classico Docg (Toscana)

Borgo Scopeto

100% Sangiovese grapes. Dark ruby red colour. Bouquet full and intense With hints of soft black fruits, with apleasantovertones of noble wood, vanilla and

cocoa. Austere, opulent and powerful.

750ml €35,00

Cannonau (Sardegna)


Intense ruby red with garnet, the nose reveals a nice olfactory profile with notes of cherry and plum, vanilla and black pepper. The palate is warm, round, with good structure and good balance.

750ml €35,00

Borgo Nero IGT (Toscana)

Borgo Scopeto

Sangiovese 60%, Syrah 20%, Cabernet S. 20% is the blend of grapes used for this “Supertuscan”. Dark red ruby colour. The bouquet is full, refined with noble return sensation. The flavour is round, full-bodied, very balanced and surprisingly velvety. Notes of tobacco, leather and spices.

750ml €60,00

Rosso di Montalcino (Toscana)


100% Sangiovese the grapes used for this spectacular wine. The colour is deep ruby red. The bouquet is ctylish, complex, with fragrance of vanilla and hints of soft black fruit. To the palate is warm, dry, persistent and well orchestrated

with cilky tannis.

750ml €48,00

Chianti Classico Riserva (Toscana)

Borgo Scopeto

100% Sangiovese grapes. Wineproduced only accross the better vintages, after an accurate selection ofthe grapes. Deep ruby red colour with faint garnet countorns. The bouquet is intense, stylish and elegant with hints ofalmond, toasted coffee and delicate spicy overtones.

The flavour is round, dry,austere, firmly structured and well orchestrated with silky tannis.

750ml €48,00

Refosco (Friuli)

Di Lenardo

Intense ruby red, almost impenetrable with violet reflections.

Red berry fruits, dried dark fig, sour cherry and cocoa beans; with intriguing nuances of Mediterranean spices and incense, moss and tobacco. 750ml €29,00

Valpolicella Superiore (Veneto)

Corte Adami

This special wine is typically made from three grape varieties:

Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara.

750ml €34,00

Organic Wine Tufaliccio (Lazio)

Marco Carpineti

This is a genuine wine made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, which excludes the use of artificial chemical

750ml €34,00

Nebbiolo d’Alba Doc (Piemonte)

Massimo Rivetti

100% Nebbiolo grapes. 12 months of ageing in small oak barrels plus 6 months in bottle. Intense ruby red colour with orange reflections. Persistent bouquet with notes of ripened fruit, spice

and vanilla. Warm, full, austere, dry and well structured on the palate.

750ml €43,00

Valpolicella Ripasso (Veneto)


Aromas of plum, sweet cherry, strawberry and hint of dried fruit are front-and-centre in the ripe, fruity, balanced wine. 750ml €42,00

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Spelt (Abruzzo)

La Valentina

Nuance ruby and compact , with bright purple reflections . The nose shows elegant floral notes of wild rose and violet, red fruits crisp type currants and wild strawberries,

and emerge after gentle hints of licorice and graphite. The drink is looming now full and material, great body, with a thickness that determines a set tasty

tannic and voluptuous. Of great persistence, the footprints of vivid freshness , supported by a constant extension mineral . 750ml €52,00

Barbaresco 2012 (Piemonte)

Massimo Rivetti

This wine has bouquets of roses or violets with flavor notes of cherry, truffles, fennel and licorice. As the wine ages, it can develop smoky notes and more earthy and animal flavors like leather and tar.

750ml €60,00

.Brunello di Montalcino (Toscana)

Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona

Intense and complex. Fruity, spicy and floral sensations of ripe red berries are complemented by a variety of spicy notes; The taste is warm, harmonious tannins pronounced; bodied wine with a lingering taste and scent that can still evolve with a long aging in bottle .

750ml €70,00

Taurasi Macchia dei Goti (Campania)


Deep ruby color. Fruity, complex, with notes of licorice and vanilla on a background of elegant small berries.

750ml €75,00

Rosso del Conte (Sicilia)

Tasca d’Almerita

Nero d’Avola, Perricone and best selection of other red grapes of Regaleali estate. Dip red ruby colour turning into violet ageing. The bouquet is rich and ample with notes of cherry, marasca, walnut husk, wild berries, vanilla and


750ml €90,00

Montepulciano d‘Abruzzo (Toscana)


Ruby red with slight purple hues, tending towards garnet with aging; Aromas of red fruits, spices, intense, ethereal. Taste, full, dry, harmonious, tannic.

750ml €90,00

Barolo Ravera 2009 (Piemonte)

Elvio Cogno

Still red wine, robust and important,full and balanced, elegant, with pleasant floral and spicy notes, aged 24 months in barrels. 750ml €85,00

Barolo 2009 (Piemonte)


Fresh, high-impact and fragrance, with notes of raspberry and cassis, floral hints of licorice and underbrush and a light spiciness out. On the palate remarkabletannin structure, with freshness, acidity vibrane, good flavor and a long, nervous.

750ml €85,00

Barolo Riserva 2004 (Piemonte)


The nose hints of violet , then followed by those of berries, pepper and vanilla. Balanced, it is complemented by a final of great quality and persistence. Label exceptional.

750ml €130,00

Amarone 2004 (Veneto)


Deep dark red colour with violet rim. At the nose scents of cherry, sour cherry and berries typical of Amarone della Valpolicella and notes of spieces and dry fruit typical of Valpantena. In mouth the tannins are present even if soft and wrapped in the glycerine.

750ml €180.00

Brunello di Montalcino 2008 (Toscana)


100% Sangiovese grapes. Brunello di Montalcino Riserva wines are only made in the best vintages from carefully selected grapes and only reach their perfect expression after several years of refinement. Ruby red colour tending to garnet ageing. Persistent and pervasive bouquet, very generous and varied with hints of soft red fruit. The flavour is dry, warm, well sustained, well orchestrated, delicate and austere at the same time.

750ml €95,00